Handicare Simplicity 950 Indoor Straight Stairlift

Handicare Simplicity 950 Indoor Straight Stairlift

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 Outlet At Either Landing 
  • Left Hand or Right Hand Available (looking up the steps) 
  • 310lb Standard Weight Capacity
  • Seat: Extended Post $100
  • Power Swivel Seat $660
  • Color Options: Sand 
  • Power Folding Footrest $495
  • Footrest: Zero Intrusion 16ft 5in (5M) $360
  • Footrest Zero Intrusion 223ft (7M) $460

Outlet At Top Only W/Manual Fold

Outlet At Bottom Only W/Sliding Track

  • Manual Folding Rail (264lb w/c): $795
  • Power Sliding Track: $1,295
  • Track: 23ft (7M) $500
  • Installation: 0-7 Steps: $345
  • Installation: 8-15 Steps: $395
  • Installation: 16+ Steps: $445
  • Installation Containing Concrete or Tile: $95
  • After Hour Installation: $150
  • Removal & Disposal of Existing Stairlift $75
  • Pie Step Modification (inc labor/materials): $295
  • Box Step Modification (inc labor/materials): $395
  • Indoor Outlet Installation: $295
  • Outdoor Outlet Installation: $325

Seat Dimensions

The new Sterling 950 stairlift has been designed to be both easy on the eye and the purse. It’s loaded with features and benefits usually found on lifts costing significantly more.

A large, comfortable swivel seat will transport you in comfort on your stairs and no matter where you park the lift, the constant charging feature means it is always ready for the next journey. The slim aluminum track takes up minimal room on the stairs leaving room for others.

Its clever design means your 950 can be installed in less than an hour it so it won’t take long before you’re traveling your stairs with ease again.

The manufacturer requires that installation must be completed by a factory-trained installer.


  • Footplate height parked: 2.0 inches
  • Seat to top of footplate: 15.5 - 19.5 inches
  • Track intrusion into staircase from wall: 11.25 inches
  • Top track intrusion: 2 inches
  • Bottom track intrusion: 11 inches
  • Swivel radius: 26.75 inches
  • Unit intrusion from wall folded: 11.25 inches
  • Minimum staircase width: 26.75 inches
  • Wall to back: 3 inches
  • Arm to arm internal dimension: 19 inches
  • Minimum rail angle - no platform: 53 degrees
  • Minimum rail angle: 27 degrees
  • Installation time: 45 minutes

Convenient and Easy to Use

  • DC power with charging anywhere on the track – no more dead batteries!
  • Unique Sterling control switch - ideal for users with limited dexterity
  • Comfortable padded swivel seat with folding arms
  • Diagnostic display for quick assessment and resolution of technical issues
  • Two remote controls 
  • Compact Design
  • Slim aluminum rail takes up little room on stairs
  • Only 11” from wall when folded
  • Zero top track intrusion kit available


  • Key lock prevents unauthorized use of lift
  • Safety edges will stop the lift in the event of an obstruction
  • ASME 18.1 compliant


All installations are completed by a factory-trained installer.

ower Failures

The Sterling Stairlift uses a24v DC battery which is charged at both the top and the bottom of the stairs. The Sterling stairlift will continue to operate in a power failure for approximately 10* rides. Having charge points rather than a trailing cable reduces wear and avoids the need for extensive wiring. * Up and down = 1 ride, dependant on user weight and length of stairs.


Sterling stairlifts have ISO 9386 Part 2, comply with ASME standards, and achieve all other worldwide safety standards. They also feature a sensitive automatic stop should anything or anyone obstruct the stairway.

Limited Space

Sterling’s SpaceSaver™ seat offers nearly 3” extra seat depth. This extra depth brings the user’s knees back from the opposite wall making it the ideal seat on narrow stairways or for taller users. It is also possible to fit the entire unit slightly closer to the wall with this seat type giving you even more free space on your stairs.


Sterling offers hinge tracks so you can fold the track out of the way when not in use. What’s more this option is available as fully powered if required allowing you to control the hinge from the remote control.

Feeling Secure

The Sterling stairlift was designed to take into account how it feels to be less physically confident and so they built in reassuring features like the lap belt. Easy to use, just push the clips together, to comfortably secure the rider.


The Sterling stairlift has an on/off key that puts you in control of who uses the lift. It can be inserted while the arm is in the upright position which makes it easier for those with limited dexterity. When the arm is down in position the key is out of the way and can't be knocked.

PARTS: 27 Months
Fit Kit: $240
Fit Kit - Zero Intrusion Footrest: 23' $335
Footrest - Standard: $240
Footrest - Zero Intrusion: $360
Power Pack: $980
Seat: $430
Seat - Extended Post: $95 
Track: 16'5" $505
Track: 23' $975
Track - Manual Hinge: 16'5" $1,315
Track - Manual Hinge: 23' $1,790
Track - Powered SlideTrack: 16'5" $1,900